Joint Injections

Joint Injections

Injured in sport? Joints playing up? 

We offer a wide range of treatments here at Hopwoods pharmacy. Book in for a FREE first-time consultation in one of our 3 modern consultation rooms.


What can you expect?

During the consultation with a sports pharmacist, we will discuss treatment options and work with you to plan your recovery.

Our main goal is to treat injuries with drug free methods, this is why we promote Ostenil, our drug free joint injection with bioelectronic rehab.

We can also offer treatment with steroids and anti-inflammatories for patients who have successfully used these treatments in the past.

Here’s what we can offer:

Joint injections for shoulder and knee

  • Ostenil injections (sodium hyaluronate lubricant for joints)
  • Steroid injections

Ostenil information leaflet

Steroid information leaflet

Both types of injection are very effective in treating frozen shoulder and arthritis of the shoulder or knee. Ostenil is a very popular choice for athletes injured during sport looking to get back to fitness.

Why choose to see a pharmacist?

A pharmacist combines their extensive training to offer the patient a wealth of knowledge in anatomy, practical skills and the mechanics of medication. This allows patients to confidently treat and manage their injuries following the advice offered. We have a prescribing pharmacist on site if prescription pain relief is required.



Rehab accessories

We are a specialist stockist of Mueller & Thuasne sport supports.

We offer pain management, recovery and rehabilitation options using electrotherapy with ground-breaking wearable bioelectronic devices from Nurokor. More info here.



Ostenil Plus – £200 (per injection)

Depo- Medrone (Steroid) –  £100 (per injection)


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