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NuroKor mibody

mibody UltraWearable Body Therapy System with KorOS2 dualwave technology It’s main features: ● 6 treatment modes for personalised use ● Combines 2 clinically proven bioelectric technologies ● Effective pain management ● Small, discrete and wearable design ● Perfect lite partner to mitouch BodySystem   mibody is a small, discrete and wearable medical device that is

KorBand Application Accessory and Back Belt

NuroKor BodySystem Accessory for your back and limbs The multifunctional KorBand accessory was designed to make treatments easier when targeting back and limb pain. The large surface area provides efficient and effective treatment, with no need for adhesive gel pads. The KorBand can be used on almost all areas of the body and can be

KorGlov Application Gloves

NuroKor BodySystem accessory for your hands The KorGlov is a pioneering wearable therapy accessory designed to enhance treatment of hands. It provides targeted therapy to help ease pain, enhance strength, promote circulation and improve function of the entire hand and wrist. The unique design enables KorGlov to pair with your NuroKor BodySystem device for enhanced

KorShoe Application Shoes

NuroKor BodySystem accessory for your feet and legs The KorShoe is the perfect mitouch accessory to target painful foot conditions. It is designed to enhance relief of chronic and acute pain in the ankles, heels, legs and feet. The KorShoe can optimise circulation, stimulate muscles and provide massage-action relief to ease tired, and/or sore feet.

Elbow support

Elastic sleeve to provide support for injury to the elbow, lower bicep or upper forearm See in store for fitting and purchase

Heel cup

Compact, in-shoe heel shock absorber. Perfect for foot conditions such as plantar fasciitis See in store for fitting and purchase

Knee stabilizer

Lightweight, comfortable hinged brace. Provides support to the knee by restricting side to side movement and extra patella support See in store for fitting and purchase


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