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NuroKor BodySystem accessory for your feet and legs

The KorShoe is the perfect mitouch accessory to target painful foot conditions. It is designed to enhance relief of chronic and acute pain in the ankles, heels, legs and feet. The KorShoe can optimise circulation, stimulate muscles and provide massage-action relief to ease tired, and/or sore feet. It can also be the perfect pre and post workout recovery tool. The device is not compatible with the mibody.

Utilise KorShoe for:

● Optimising recovery post sport and exercise
● Boosting circulation
● Foot massage action
● Use during travel and at work to improve circulation, reduce swelling and help lower the risk of DVT
● Easing numbness and increasing mobility in the lower extremities
● Harnessing the power of your incredible mitouch BodySystem

Sizing: Regular. Length 295mm
NB. Not compatible with the NuroKor mibody device


How to use KorShoe with your mitouch BodySystem device (Refer to device user guide for operating instructions):

● It is possible to use the shoes as a pair or independently if preferred.
● As a pair – Using just one cable, clip both electrodes directly onto the shoes electrode heads.
● Independently – Connect one cable electrode to the shoe and one to an electrode pad.
● Plug the cable into your device (Port A or B).
● Place your feet firmly but comfortably into both shoes, making sure that the
electrode points on the shoe are touching bare skin.
● Select the desired treatment mode on the device and adjust intensity to a comfortable level.


What’s in the Box:

● 1 Pair NuroKor KorShoe