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NuroKor mitouch Complete Body Therapy System

Key features:

● Easy-to-use touchscreen design
● Combines 3 proven bioelectrical technologies
● 5 modes – Pain, Pain+, Recover, Perform and MC2
● 16 advanced formulation modes
● World-first MC2 QuadWave app


The mitouch offers top-of-the-range bioelectrical massage action in an easy-to-use, touchscreen design. It combines three proven bioelectrical technologies to effectively target pain, promote recovery, optimise rehabilitation and assist in performance gains. These are
Microcurrent (MCS) , Peripheral Nerve (PNS) and Neuromuscular (NMS) stimulation. With a total of five treatment apps and 16 advanced formulation modes, NuroKor technology is personalised to meet individual needs.

Manage pain – Whether you are an elite athlete, arthritis sufferer, diabetic patient or worker with a musculoskeletal problem – the positive impact of PNS on all types of chronic and acute pain is profound. Increase strength & mobility – the same NMS modalities that allow athletes to increase muscle mass and gain strength can be used to improve muscular health and circulation in
the elderly, obese and diabetics.

Optimise recovery – Reduce muscular soreness after exertion. The MCS modality promotes recovery and supports the natural
healing processes.

● NuroKor mitouch device
● 2x Electrode treatment wires
● 2 pairs of Large EcoLife series application pads
● 2 pairs of Medium EcoLife series application pads
● USB Charging Cable
● Quick Start Guide: Get the most out of your NuroKor
● 2 Year Manufacturer’s Warranty: Buy with confidence


mitouch offers five modes and features 16 advanced formulation settings:

The NuroKor mitouch device utilises three bioelectronic technologies. It is developed with five different modes (Pain, Pain+, Perform, Recover and MC2) and features 16 advanced formulation settings.

Pain (4 advanced formulation modes)
Pain mode manages pain signals and offers pain pathway intervention.

Use for:
● Chronic and acute pain
● Muscle aches and pains
● Sports injuries, sprains, strains and cramps
● Post-surgery pain
● Labour
● Period pain


Pain+ (4 advanced formulation modes)

Pain+ mode with additional benefits for relief and management of painful inflammatory conditions. It can offer deeper stimulation where required.

Use for:

● Pain symptoms of neck, back, knee and shoulder
● Muscle spasms
● Arthritis
● Fibromyalgia
● Sciatica
● And more


Perform (4 advanced formulation modes)

Perform allows you to stimulate and strengthen muscles and maximise muscle fibre activation during exercise. It stimulates nerves and tissue around joints and can help you warm-up specific muscle groups before activity.

Use for:

● Optimising your workout
● Gain strength, speed, power and range of motion
● Prevention of muscle wastage from aging or inactivity
● Rehabilitation and coordination retraining


Recover (4 advanced formulation modes)

Recover mode provides massage and body activation designed to relax muscles, improve circulation, optimise recovery & rehabilitation processes and improve muscle strength & condition.

Use for:

● Massage and relaxation
● Post-exercise to reduce effects of DOMS (Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness)
● Recovery and rehabilitation


MC2 (pre-set modality)

MC 2 microcurrent is sub-sensory, and cannot be felt. It supports the body’s recovery process, helping to restore disruption to the body’s natural cell and tissue current caused by trauma, inflammation, injury or disease. It manages pain and can support tissue repair.

It may also increase the production of the cell’s power source (Adenosine Triphospate).

Use for:

● Pain relief
● Musculoskeletal disorders
● Inflammatory conditions
● Improving mobility from previous injuries
● Supports with wound healing
● Post-exercise relief of DOMS (Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness)
● Also a perfect complimentary or stand alone treatment to the other mitouch Apps.


Your mitouch is not a medical device and should be used responsibly and only as indicated. Please refer to the info sheet for safety warnings and contraindications.