Blood Tests

Blood Tests

Be in control of your health!

We have teamed up with LML to offer a wide range of blood tests including in store blood taking and at home finger prick testing.

Have you noticed any changes to how you feel? Curious about what is happening inside your body? It isn’t always easy to realise what your body is trying to tell you or to notice changes that may be subtly creeping in. Our wide range of blood test can provide answers.

3 Reasons to check your blood

  1. If you have noticed yourself feeling fatigued or getting tired more often than you used to. Check your general health!
  2. Do you currently live with a diagnosed health condition? Keep track of your ongoing health issue and detect any changes as early as possible.
  3. Are you a keen fitness fanatic? An athlete in training? Blood tests can tell you so much about your health and is a great place to start maximising performance.

How to get tested?

     Make an appointment via our booking page

       Attend the pharmacy

      Receive your results via email


Our Tests

We offer 2 types of blood testing. Some of the tests require blood to be drawn in store, there is an additional £30 fee for this. The other test is a finger prick that can be done in the comfort of our own home.

Blood tests

  • Enhanced Biochemistry Profile
  • Premier General Health Profile
  • Well Person Premier Plus Profile
  • Well Man Premier Plus Profile
  • Well Woman Premier Plus Profile
  • Female Hormone Profile
  • Male Hormone Profile
  • Iron Status Profile
  • Heart Health Profile
  • Thyroid Function Baseline Profile
  • Vitamin Profile: D, B12 & Folate
  • Full Thyroid Profile
  • Prostate Profile
  • Erectile Dysfunction Profile
  • Tiredness/Fatigue Profile
  • Premierplus Sports Fitness Profile
  • Premierplus Sports Full Hormone Profile
  • UK Allergen Profile

Finger prick

For finger prick tests see our online shop. Here you can see the range of at home testing we sell and what is included in the blood profile.

View full information of each blood test here, LML-Patients booklet.


Once the sample has been taken it is sent to a 24/7 laboratory. Samples are tested as quickly as possible. The test results are reviewed by an in-house GP and then communicated back to you, the patient.

*Important Information – Blood tests alone are not a substitute for seeing a doctor. You should not self diagnose or start any treatment without consulting a doctor or a trained healthcare professional.