Blood tests

Why is Blood Testing Important?

Blood tests are used to quantify or analyse blood components such as cells, chemicals, proteins, and other factors. It is one of the most often used forms of lab tests and is also referred to as blood work. Blood tests are frequently carried out as part of a routine checkup. Keep reading to find out more about blood testing in Llanedeyrn.

What can be detected in a blood test?

The blood test is one of the most popular and regularly used types of medical examination.

Blood tests, for instance, can be used to:

  • Examine your general state of health
  • Find out whether you have any diseases
  • Evaluate the efficiency of particular organs, such as the liver and kidneys
  • Review some genetic diseases

A blood test can typically be completed in a few minutes by a pharmacist, nurse, doctor, or phlebotomist.

What happens during your appointment?

Blood is usually taken from an artery in your arm for a blood test. The arm is an ideal body part to use because it's more exposed. The most typical area for a sample is the inner part of the wrist or elbow, in which the veins are quite close to the surface.

For a child, blood samples are typically taken from the back of their hand. Their skin is usually anaesthetised using a specialised spray or ointment prior to the sample being taken.

The upper arm is tied or wrapped with a tourniquet. As a result, the vein enlarges and constricts the arm, temporarily blocking blood flow. This makes the sample collection process considerably easier.

Before taking the sample, your pharmacist may clean the skin area using an antiseptic swab. The second procedure entails inserting a needle into a vein using a needle attached to a syringe or other special container. You might feel a tiny pricking or scratching while the needle is inserted, but it shouldn't hurt. If you're afraid of blood or needles, let the person collecting the sample know, so they can help you feel at ease.

The tourniquet is taken off and the needle is removed after the sample has been taken. Using a cotton wool pad, you will need to apply pressure to the skin for a few minutes. Put a plaster over the tiny wound to keep it clean.

Blood testing in Llanedeyrn

Why is blood testing important?

Getting a yearly blood test is a vital part of preventing different degenerative conditions. A blood test can detect potential health issues before they completely manifest, so they can be addressed most effectively. The tests can be performed quickly and with little difficulty. Additionally, they provide a wide range of knowledge that can be helpful to you.

One of the best ways to monitor your general physical health is through routine blood testing. Regular testing will allow you to comprehend how your body develops over time and to make health-related decisions based on accurate information.

What different types of blood testing are there?

There are many different types of blood testing. The following are a few examples:

  • Full Blood Count (CBC). This test looks at platelets, haemoglobin, red, and white blood cells, among other blood components. A regular check-up typically includes the administration of a CBC test.
  • Fundamental Metabolic Panel. These tests are used to measure the levels of calcium, electrolytes, and glucose in your blood.
  • Blood Enzyme Tests. Enzymes are molecules that regulate chemical processes in your body. There are various blood enzyme tests available. Troponin and creatine kinase tests are two of the most used tests. They determine if you've experienced a heart attack and whether your heart muscle has been injured.
  • Blood tests are also performed to check if there are cardiac issues. This includes testing for cholesterol and triglycerides.
  • Blood clotting tests, also referred to as coagulation panel testing. These tests can determine if you have a disease that causes excessive bleeding or clotting.
Blood testing in Llanedeyrn

Can I get blood testing at the pharmacy?

A pharmacist can review all of your medications and explain how they work. Additionally, they can arrange further checks such as blood tests and health screenings like measuring your blood pressure.

What types of blood testing in Llanedeyrn do we offer?

We offer the following blood tests at Hopwoods Pharmacy:

  • Enhanced Biochemistry Profile
  • Premier General Health Profile
  • Well Person Premier Plus Profile
  • Well Woman Premier Plus Profile
  • Female Hormone Profile
  • Well Man Premier Plus Profile
  • Male Hormone Profile
  • Iron Status Profile
  • Heart Health Profile
  • Thyroid Function Baseline Profile
  • Vitamin Profile: D, B12 & Folate
  • Full Thyroid Profile
  • Prostate Profile
  • Erectile Dysfunction Profile
  • Tiredness/Fatigue Profile
  • Premierplus Sports Fitness Profile
  • Premierplus Sports Full Hormone Profile
  • UK Allergen Profile

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