What are the Benefits of Getting a Flu Jab?

flu vaccine in Llanedeyrn

The flu vaccine is available through the NHS at various pharmacies across the UK. This vaccine offers protection to individuals who are more likely to experience serious flu complications. Continue reading for more information on the benefits and where you can get the flu vaccine in Llanedeyrn.

What is the best time to get the flu vaccine?

The optimum time to get the flu jab is in the autumn or the first few weeks of winter before the virus has an opportunity to spread. However, you can still get it later. One of the greatest methods to guarantee that you have immunity to the virus for at least six months is to get the flu vaccine.

Who is eligible for the flu jab?

The NHS provides the flu jab to people who:

  • Are above 65 years old.
  • Have specific health problems.
  • Are pregnant.
  • Are in long-term residential care.
  • Receive a caregiver's allowance or serve as the primary caregiver for an elderly or disabled person who could be at risk if you fall ill.
  • Reside with someone who has an immune system that is weak and hence can develop a serious infection. For instance, someone with HIV, someone receiving treatment for cancer, someone with lupus or rheumatoid arthritis, or someone who has had a transplant.
  • Work as frontline medical workers.
  • Are social care workers who can’t receive the jab through an occupational health scheme at work.

From mid-October, those 50 years and older can receive a free NHS flu vaccine as well.

flu vaccine in Llanedeyrn

Who is not eligible for the flu vaccine?

The majority of adults can receive the flu vaccine, but if you've ever experienced a severe adverse reaction to one, you shouldn't. If you are allergic to eggs, the flu vaccine may cause a negative reaction. Several flu vaccines are produced using eggs as a raw material.

Speak with your doctor or pharmacist if you want an egg-free or low-egg vaccine. If you are sick or have a fever, you should wait until you recover to get the flu vaccine.

Flu vaccine and coronavirus (COVID-19)

Flu vaccines are vital because:

  • Despite the fact that the flu is often unpleasant, it can be dangerous and even fatal for some individuals, especially those who already suffer from specific medical conditions.
  • This winter, the flu is more likely to spread because fewer people will have naturally built immunity to it during the COVID-19 epidemic.
  • According to research, if you have the flu and COVID-19 at the same time, your chances of developing serious illness increase.
  • Receiving the flu vaccine reduces the chances of hospitalisation if you get the virus.
  • Expectant mothers who receive vaccinations are protected both during pregnancy and after giving birth.
  • It definitely has the ability to save children's lives.
  • By receiving the vaccination, you also safeguard those around you.
flu vaccine in Llanedeyrn

What is the cost of a flu vaccine in Llanedeyrn?

If you are eligible for a free jab, make an appointment with your GP's office or a pharmacy that offers the flu vaccine through the NHS, such as ours.

Additionally, you might get an invitation to get immunised, but you are not obligated to wait until you do to schedule an appointment. Everyone who meets the requirements will be eligible for the free flu vaccine.

Pharmacies and medical offices receive shipments of flu vaccines. If you are unable to schedule an appointment immediately, ask if you may book one for a time when more vaccines are available.

Where can I get a flu vaccine?

You can get the NHS flu vaccine at:

  • Your GP surgery
  • A pharmacy offering the service
  • Your midwifery service if you're pregnant
  • Hospital appointment

Is the vaccine effective & how long does it offer protection?

The flu vaccine is your best line of defence against the virus.

Although the main influenza virus strains are helped by flu vaccines, getting sick is still a possibility.

In the unlikely event that you do get the flu after getting a vaccination, it will likely be mild and pass quickly. The vaccine will reduce your risk of spreading the illness to people who could be more susceptible to serious complications.

It takes the flu vaccination 10 to 14 days to start working.

Flu jab

Can students get the flu vaccine?

Yes. You must receive a flu vaccine if you currently attend or plan to enroll in a university. Teens, college, and university students are particularly susceptible to the flu virus. Flu transmission is facilitated by crowded classrooms, communal living spaces, and group social activities.

What are the side effects of the vaccine?

The flu vaccine works very well. Administration of the jab is intramuscularly into the upper arm muscle. The majority of adverse effects are minor and generally persist for one or two days. These consist of:

  • Muscle ache
  • Pain at the injection site

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