Why is it Important to Visit a Travel Clinic Before Jetting Off?

Visit a travel clinic in Llanedeyrn, Cardiff

Travel clinics are your one-stop hub when it comes to travel health. They offer vaccinations against tropical illnesses like typhoid and yellow fever and antimalarials for malaria, as well as travel health advice. A good number of travel clinic patients are international travellers headed outside the country for different reasons like business, visiting family and friends, leisure, or adoption. Keep reading to find out the importance of visiting a travel clinic in Llanedeyrn.

Why is it important to visit a travel clinic in Llanedeyrn before travelling abroad?

1. They can give you updated recommendations for immunisations.

Many travellers have to go through a travel programme for vaccines (immunisations). Vaccines have shown just how effective modern medicine can be in terms of keeping you safe, as they protect you from infections and illnesses, even when on the other side of the border.

2. They can provide you with vital medication - to prevent and treat infections and diseases.

In a travel clinic, you can find other medical recommendations for avoiding diseases while travelling and treatment where necessary. You can get access to preventative medication for conditions such as diarrhoea, malaria, motion sickness, and altitude sickness.

3. A travel clinic in Llanedeyrn can offer advice about water and food safety at your destination.

Travel medicine doesn't just involve preparing for your trip with shots and prescriptions. It also includes taking some precautions to keep away from certain illnesses.

4. They can enable you to travel safely even if you have certain health needs.

Every traveller comes with different health concerns and requirements. A travel clinic will ensure all your needs are adhered to, considering your health and age.

5. They can have a discussion with you regarding safe travel habits.

You'll be required to make several decisions while travelling, such as where you'll be visiting and what you'll be doing while there. Whatever decisions you make, your safety should be a priority while you are abroad. In certain instances, travellers may be required to make decisions they otherwise wouldn't have made when at home. This means that it's important to get as much advice as you can so you're prepared for any eventuality wherever you're travelling to.

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Do you pay for travel vaccinations on the NHS?

Below are the travel vaccines available for free on the NHS.

These vaccines are provided without charge because they keep away diseases believed to pose the greatest risk to public health if they were brought into the UK.

You will, however, be required to pay for travel vaccinations against:

These travel vaccines come at different costs, depending on the vaccine and the number of doses that come with them. It would be best to consider this when budgeting for your travel. Don't hesitate to get in touch with us for more information.

Other things to consider before you travel outside the country

Below are other things to put into consideration when planning your travel vaccinations.

  • Your age and health – you may be at a higher risk of getting certain diseases depending on your age and health. At the same time, certain vaccines cannot be provided to people with some medical issues.
  • If you are an aid worker – you may be more exposed to diseases when in a refugee camp or assisting natural disaster victims.
  • Working in a medical setting – frontline workers such as doctors, nurses, or other healthcare providers, may need additional vaccinations.
  • Contact with animals – you may be more prone to catching illnesses spread by animals, like rabies.

You may not require any vaccinations if you're travelling to North America, Australia, Northern and Central Europe. But it's necessary to be up-to-date with routine vaccinations provided on the NHS.

Travelling abroad

Before you go to a travel clinic in Llanedeyrn

You should book your travel clinic appointment at least 4 to 6 weeks prior to the date of travel. You may need a week or two to get an appointment if the travel clinic is busy. Nevertheless, at Hopwoods Pharmacy, you can trust us to serve you on time.

It's vital to make an early booking considering some vaccines are administered in a series and require a certain schedule. If you require vaccination against Yellow Fever, keep in mind that not all travel clinics are licensed to provide the vaccine. You also have to be vaccinated at least 10 days before you jet off for the vaccine to be valid.

Our travel health specialists offer professional advice, vaccinations, and medications depending on your general health and travel itinerary. They'll assist you in prioritising vaccines in case you are running out of time or working with a low budget.

Ensure you are familiar with the health concerns associated with your destination before your appointment date. Your pharmacist can make you aware of the risks that await you wherever you decide to head off on your holidays.

Fill out our enquiry form and we'll be in touch right away. We hope to hear from you!


This blog post was written on behalf of Hopwoods Pharmacy by Pharmacy Mentor.