Blood Tests

Be in control of your health! We have teamed up with LML to offer a wide range of blood tests including in store blood taking and at home finger prick testing. Have you noticed any changes to how you feel? Curious about what is happening inside your body? It isn’t always easy to realise what

Pain Clinic

Treat your pain drug-free Whether you’re in chronic pain, recovering from surgery, wanting to speed up your physical rehab or get back to full mobility faster. Or whether you are an athlete looking for natural ways to recover faster, increase your strength and performance, Hopwoods Pharmacy can offer solutions for you. Free yourself from pain

Joint Injections

Injured in sport? Joints playing up?  We offer a wide range of treatments here at Hopwoods pharmacy. Book in for a FREE first-time consultation in one of our 3 modern consultation rooms.   What can you expect? During the consultation with a sports pharmacist, we will discuss treatment options and work with you to plan

Flu Vaccine

Get your Flu Vaccine in Llanedeyrn today by booking online This year, getting the flu vaccine is more important than ever, that is why we are providing the flu vaccination service in Llanedeyrn. We offer Private and NHS flu vaccines, with funding from NHS Wales, at Hopwoods Pharmacy, which are administered by one of our

Weight Loss Injections

Weight Loss Solution from Hopwoods Pharmacy by booking today! Start your Weight Loss journey today by visiting Hopwoods Pharmacy! If you are struggling to lose weight, there is a new weight-loss medication that could be the answer to your problems.  This treatment is extremely popular and is a great solution for those that need that

Sport Supports & Strapping

Sport supports and strapping Hopwoods is a specialist stockist of Mueller supports and taping, a wide range of these products are available in store. Our catalogue of Mueller products is available to view here, we can assist with size and fitting in store. We have also teamed up with Thuasne to offer top of the

Travel Clinic

Ready for your next adventure? Make sure you are up to date with your vaccinations and your first aid bag is fully stocked! If you are planning an exotic holiday this year we can help you make sure your checklist is complete. We offer a full range of vaccinations and travel medication specific to your

Period Delay

how to treat a UTI in Llanedeyrn

Period Delay Sometimes your period is due at an inconvenient time of the month that collides with a big event such as a holiday or a celebration. If this is the case, you may want to delay your period. Using a hormone tablet called norethisterone you can usually delay your period for up to three

Hayfever injection

The benefits of a steroid injection for Hay Fever Severe hayfever can cause a lot of discomfort and have a negative effect on people’s day-to-day life. If you have severe symptoms that fail to respond to other treatments, such as oral antihistamine medications, topical eye drops and so on, it is possible to book an